Born in the high deserts of Mexico’s Baja California, this hard-hitting, jazz-rooted, psychedelic improvisational trio lays down the grooves to get you moving. These three classically trained, jazz rooted musicians are constantly on the search for the unknown, comfortably fitting psychedelic grooves into jazzy pockets of sonic bliss. The freedom to expand beyond the roles each member assumes in their main project, offers another side of these musicians. and the peaks are high and long. Dan’s outrageous solos on his acoustic guitar, Garrett’s relentless and melodic interactions on the electric bass, and Dave’s finesse on the drums combine for something powerful.

Listen to magicgravy Live at M.S. Dixie II (The Tahoe Steamer II) on 2013-08-01

The night of the famous Tahoe Tweezer :

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